in the Classroom:

Creating the Future

adobe education creativity study

We asked 2,500+ Gen Z students aged 11-17, and 1,000+ Gen Z teachers to tell us how they feel about learning, creativity and the future, and here is what we found...

Gen Z students see themselves as smart, creative and hardworking.

Technology is Gen Z’s native environment. They feel that they are more creative than past generations and more passionate about making things better and smarter. Learn more.



Hard Working

Gen Z students are excited and nervous about the future and both students and teachers do not feel they are fully prepared for the "Real World."

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Nearly half of students feel what they learn outside of the classroom is more important to their future careers as what they learn inside.

Educators agree that technology defines Gen Z. Some have a different take on the relationship between technology and creativity seeing it as a potential hindrance to creativity and independent thinking but they overwhelmingly feel that technology has revolutionized the way they teach Gen Z students. Learn more.

Both students and teachers agree the
most effective way of learning is

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Across the globe, computer/technology classes rank highest by students as favorite classes to take, classes that prepare them for their future and classes that require creativity.

Technology will set Gen Z apart in the future workforce.

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